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Sell more, sell faster, sell smarter

  • Grow sales faster
    Simple, intutive screens for your specific job responsibility makes for a faster experience and with information always at your fingertips.

  • Maximize equipment usage and maximize profits. Simple
    Have instant access to the location, status and future availability of each unit. Manage equipment shortages to improve utilization. Allow off-rent access to track and rent inventory directly from customer locations.

  • Quickly and easily sell used equipment.
    Track equipment book value to reflect depreciation, capitalized expenses, parts added and transportation paid.

  • Build customer loyalty.
    Know preferences, special pricing and order history.

  • Optimize transportation.
    Make sure equipment is delivered and picked up quickly and efficiently.

  • Always be in the know
    Accurate, up to the minute reports let you be in control.

  • Benefit from flexible billing.
    Charge based on elapsed time, number of uses, meter reads. Billing can be halted and resumed based on customer needs.

R2 Mobile Apps

Business on the Go


For Employees and Customers.
Check Product or Kit Availability for a specified date range.
Availability at your location or company wide.
Request a quote or a reservation.
Customizable request form.

R2 Mobile Apps


Use with or without a cellular connection.
Scan or type in equipment barcode.
Service Notes.
Voice messages.
Preset multiple emails.