Labor Planning

Labor Planning and Scheduling without the effort
  • Managing labor is one of the most challenging areas Audio Visual companies have to deal with yet is one of the slowest areas to adopt labor planning software.

    With multiple processes for different types of resources, scheduling, budgeting, communicating, tracking actual times and payroll reporting, implementing a labor planning software allows labor planners to move away from paper and spreadsheets into a unified and comprehensive system. This streamlines the workflow, consolidates that data across an organization and allows labor planners to focus attention on other important tasks like increasing the pool of crew members or getting feedback from customers on the performance of the crew members in the field.


  • Remain competitive by selecting crew members that meet budget restrictions or that are highly qualified for the job
  • Effectively communicate with different types of resources using their unique communication needs
  • Stay on budget with cost margins calculated using the true cost of resources and add on costs
  • See availability based on crew bookings as well as crew members own personal calendar events
  • Eliminate multiple labor planners calling the same crew member for different, overlapping dates
  • Automate time and attendanc
  • Easily access actual times and costs, compared to estimates. Decide on whether labor variances need to be billed to the client
  • Consolidate crew information across your entire organization

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