About Unique Business Systems

  • In 1984 we launched UBS to revolutionize the rental market.

    Our vision was simple: provide leading, cutting edge software solutions to meet unique rental needs.

    That’s why we have created a product you can count on. With over 30 years of market experience, we partner with you to increase productivity and remove operational roadblocks.

    That’s why we use your feedback to constantly evolve our product. We have the largest development group of any software vendor in our market, a group that listens to you.

    That’s why we have dedicated support and project management teams: teams that not only provide help when you need it, but proactively share industry best practices from the most well run companies worldwide.

    Today, we are a global leader in the rental software industry. Our client base includes companies across the globe.

    Join our community and see for yourself why you can trust us to guide your success.