V3Plus Features


Windows Browser based interface
Inventory lookup and status check from anywhere in the application
Cash based accounting for late fees
Logical business day (for example: 2am to 2am with roll back hour if configured)


Quick access from the POS screen to check-in, history, customer add, check on an item's status etc
Unlimited customer history - including all detail on all transactions (sales, rentals, voids, returns)
Customers can be searched by last name, phone, ID or drivers license
Maintain records of customer account balances, late charges due or advance payments
Track last activity date, total rentals, dollar rentals, dollars in sales, late fees exempted
Unlimited supplemental or secondary customers


Search inventory by SKU, UPC or Category
Track multiple volume titles and volumes for sale by entering info once
Support for all media types (VHS, CD, DVD, Books, Games, Hardware etc)
Quick add feature to add multiple copies or volumes at once
Auto number generation for ID,s or barcodes
Statistic for any title or volume
Title activity report shows trends and statistics