Presenting CR2 Mobile Apps

Experience the power of CR2: take control of your rental needs.
  • The Mobile Inventory App is targeted at salespeople and others in the organization who need to know the availability of inventory currently or in the future, wherever they may be. The R2 Mobile App can send information about the desired equipment and the dates the customer is looking for to the key company contacts to review and confirm. The app will also send a confirmation to the inquiring customer with the same key data.

Needs Service Mobile App
  • The Mobile Needs Service App is targeted at service technicians, quality control personnel and managers. The R2 Needs Service App allows you to write notes, take photos and record voice messages about faulty or damaged equipment and send it to the R2 software for resolution. Your service technicians will now have detailed information on the equipment needing repair.

Logistics Mobile App
  • The Logistics App is designed to support R2 Companies expanding their business into the Consigned Inventory Management Space. The R2 Logistics App is intended to be used by the consigning company to track and reserve their customer’s assets. The customers can then see what is available, what has been reserved, and request specific assets to be shipped to specific events.

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