Rentals & Sales

Sell more, sell faster, sell smarter.

  • Grow sales faster
    Simple, role based tools make your job easier, faster and with information always at your fingertips.

  • Maximize equipment usage and maximize profits. Simple
    Have instant access to the location, status and future availability of each unit. Manage equipment shortages to improve utilization.

  • Build customer loyalty
    Know preferences, special pricing and order history.

  • Optimize transportation
    Make sure your equipment is delivered quickly and efficiently.

  • Always be in the know
    Accurate, up to the minute reports let you be in control.

  • Need integrated accounting?
    CR2 seamlessly interfaces with leading accounting packages, eliminating the need for manual transfer.

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R2 Rental Software
R2 CRM Alerts and Notifications

InSight Dashboard

Equip your sales force with web-based tools to work smarter and work faster. Tools that fully integrate with CR2.

  • Focus on sales – leave the data tracking to us
    Automate reports and set up alerts to keep track of business performance.

  • Make smart decisions
    Customized dashboards give you real-time snapshots of your business so you can quickly and easily track performance.

  • Know your customer
    Track key customer information so each call is customized and productive.

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Labor Planning
& Scheduling

Put the right person, in the right job, at the right time.
No additional software required.

  • Seamlessly control equipment and labor
    CR2 is the only software with fully integrated web based labor planning and scheduling.

  • Assign technical labor resources ASAP
    View and fill labor needs with direct access to both in-house and freelance resources real-time. Assign labor based on a flexible user defined rating system.

  • Save time
    Labor resources can manage their own calendars and accept jobs.

  • Maximize labor productivity
    Keep track of pipelines, workforce schedules, margins and history of pay and performance.

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CR2 Crew Labor Planning and Scheduling
CR2 Equipment Service and Repair

Service & Repair

Broken equipment = lost revenue.
Don't risk it.

  • Know your equipment
    Keep track of equipment history, warranty details and service reports/maintenance costs.

  • Schedule planned and unplanned service
    Identify assets that are up for service based on number of uses, elapsed time, meter reads. Service can be done in-house or sent to an outside vendor.

  • Streamline the service
    Assign products required services and technicians. Track equipment sent to outside vendors.

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Mobile Apps

Be on the go with our new Inventory, Service Notification and Logistics Apps.

  • Be Available 24x7
    Customize your inventory app so employees and customers can view rental inventory on any mobile device, select equipment and dates, and request a reservation.

  • Out on a job and equipment fails?
    Mark damage information in the field and the CR2 database is automatically updated.

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CR2 Mobile Apps

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