Why Construction R2?

Experience the power of CR2: take control of your rental needs.


CR2 is easy. CR2 is efficient. CR2 brings peace of mind. Quickly address customer needs and identify issues before they turn into problems.


CR2 can help you grow. From small businesses to large enterprises, as your business needs evolve, CR2 can direct your success.


Each customer is unique. We get that. One location or hundreds of locations – it doesn’t matter. Need to customize CR2 to meet your business needs? Need to work in a different language. No problem.


Work smarter. Work faster. Real-time dashboards give you insight to make smart decisions quickly.


Any device. Anywhere. Anytime.


Training. Sharing best practices. Improving software with your feedback. Connecting you with other users. Providing customer support. We succeed when you succeed. Period.

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