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Graphical Equipment Planning

  • Treat multiple sites as one large warehouse.

  • Remove or reduce dependency on transfer orders.

  • Ability to return inventory to another site.

  • Maximize owned equipment usage.

  • Shorten prep and transport time.

  • Hold equipment for clients.

Meeting Rooms

  • Significantly improves productivity of creating orders for meeting rooms.

  • Creates an operations order showing how much equipment to ship.

  • Creates flow/pull sheets – these can be modified based on your needs.

  • Reports.


Billing vs Ops Orders

  • Create multiple operations orders from a single billing order.

  • Create both a customer quote and operations order at once.

  • Manage customer quote and contract pricing with the billing order.

  • Perform warehouse inventory changes in the operations order without affecting the billing order.

  • View operations order changes and update the billing order before invoicing.

Multi-Language and Multi-Currency

  • Create customer facing documents in a language your customers prefer.

  • Rename fields in the software to a language your employees prefer.

  • Provide quotes, contracts and invoices in a currency of your customers choice.


Screen Designer

  • Redesign entire R2 Screens.

  • Incorporate elements from multiple screens into one screen.

  • Rearrange columns, menu placement and width.

  • Screen design rules/ hierarchy.

  • Design by regions, sub-regions, sites, security groups.

  • Simplify each screen by focusing on benefits applicable to your specific operations.

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