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During the past year, with an eye on improving R2 productivity, we’ve reached out to our customers and the result is an impressive collection of new features and functionalities specifically designed to optimize your workflow and improve productivity which guarantees to thrill your employees and customers. Join us on June 11 for an interactive and immersive training experience from the R2 experts who teach, build and support your software. Learn connect and explore. Network with your peers and share best practices. Whether you’re a novice or a power user reignite 2019 has got you covered. Plus we’ve also got something special to show you.

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R2 from the Experts

We're excited to show you these enhancements


  • Completely configurable screens company wide or by branch so users only see what is relevant to their workflow
  • Billing vs Ops orders
  • - Ability to collapse and expand sections for a billing order
  • - Create a separate Ops order for each section of that billing order
  • - Compare each section of the billing and ops orders and Track and Sync changes
  • New Service and Repair module
  • Product Utilization Reports
  • - Revenue days vs out days
  • - Asset physical utilization against number of days out
  • - Monthly trends incorporating sub-rentals

CRM and BI (Business Intelligence)

  • New alerts, widgets and reports for Sales, Operations and Project Managers
  • Order profitability: equipment and labor costs vs revenue
  • Late returns causing conflicts
  • Ability to send email alerts to individuals outside the organization
  • Warehouse: % of orders filled, returned (by time range)
  • Office 365 integration for email sent from CRM
  • Chronological order of all communications for an opportunity


  • New graphical scheduling with drag and drop
  • Calendar with ability to filter and save view preferences
  • Integration with Labor Brokers (Mertz Crew)
  • Improved UI/UX

R2 Mobile Apps

  • Product availabiliy and holding(reserving) equipment in the Availability app
  • Labor app enhancements
  • Warehouse app enhancements including support for RFID
  • Service and Repair app enhancements

R2 Web Services Module

The ability to easily, accurately and seamlessly exchange data between software systems is today more important than ever. This offers a Best-of-Breed option to companies looking for multiple solutions, each of which provides an optimal business solution in its own domain.

The R2 product family offers a flexible, stable, fast, modular and configurable EDI between the R2 software and other software systems. This EDI package is called R2 Web Services.

R2 Web Services use SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) over HTTP / HTTPS for exchanging and synching structured information between discreet systems.

  • Benefits of SOAP include:
  • - Language and platform independent
  • - Uses standard XML to send and receive messages
  • - Uses standard internet HTTPS protocol
  • - Seamless data exchange
  • - Real time sync

  • R2 Web services benefits currently available include:
  • - Ability to validate a user login
  • - Search and find a contact and / or company
  • - Create, view and update order information
  • - Look up availability of equipment

New Report Writer

Reporting and Analysis is a key and mission critical element of any software tool. It is this important benefit that allows for better business and operational decisions.

With R2’s built-in custom report writer, customers love the freedom and flexibility of being able to create and modify their reports at will and as needed. We are now taking this functionality to the next higher level.

  • Ability to create reports with drill-down capability:
  • - Create a summary report. Then drill down to the basic elements as desired for additional detailed analysis. No need to create multiple reports to achieve the same as in the past.

  • Create reports from data sourced not just from R2 but also from external sources such as Excel:
  • - Combining data sources enables you to data mine and create a comprehensive, single snapshot of your operations using all the data tools at your disposal.

Wait... there's more

Preview of the phase 1 next generation, web based, rental software


The Vision

We are excited to bring you a preview of a fresh, new rental solution utilizing the newest technologies, the latest tools and 35+ years of rental industry experience. Coupled with your feedback and a new development team, the new system promises to surpass your evolving needs for a modern, stable and robust rental solution.

The Goal

A full featured yet simple and extremely easy to learn, configure and use software. Key to this goal is a highly intuitive user interface and user experience.

Phase 1 Key Benefits (Previewed at Seminar)

  • Design your screens as per your workflow.
  • Global searches to bring up customers, inventory details etc for faster and quicker information access
  • Order preview during searches to reduce confusion and save time
  • Configurable business rules companywide for alerts and notifications
  • Enhanced equipment availabilty feature with ability to view multiple items at once.
  • Easy UI and UX for a simpler, quicker resposive experience


Beta - 4th Quarter 2019

Memories one


Memories one

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

6677 Sea Harbor Drive, Orlando, Florida 32821

The Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld® with an enviable location makes this the perfect setting for our Annual R2 Seminar. The hotel boasts of sophisticated and spacious event venues. Savor delicious dining in multiple restaurants and Toppers Creamery®

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Seminar Pricing and Registration

The registration fee can be applied as credit towards purchasing additional users, new modules or professional services but not R2 maintenance. The credit will be valid from July 01, 2019 through December 31, 2019.

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Seminar pricing per attendee

The registration fee can be applied as credit towards purchasing additional users, new modules or professional services but not R2 maintenance.