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How an R2 Customer Converts Suspects to Customers using R2 CRM

Staging Connection uses R2 Software

Managing and maximizing the conversion of inbound leads for your company can often be a confusing and daunting task, usually relegated to experts and paid consultants. Australia's premiere AV company, Staging Connections ( faced the same challenge. After an extensive search, their solution was to use R2 CRM to automatically capture and manage all leads that come through their website. This choice has led to success. In the last 18 months, they have, on average, converted 100 website leads to paying customers.

How was this done? At the recent annual UBS training seminar in Orlando, FL in June 2015, Staging Connections business systems specialist, Robert Ayers, explained the process. The company simply connected their website to the R2 CRM module. Then when a lead came in from their website form, it was automatically forwarded to the appropriate Sales Manager who then assigned it to a sales representative. Additionally the sales manager was alerted if the lead is not followed up on within x number of days.

R2 CRM also tracked the lead status starting from when the lead came in, the source of the lead, how long it took to convert the lead to a customer and the dollar value of business it generated in a pre-defined time period.

This effective and generally automated process has lead to a successful increase in the conversion rate for Staging Connections.

But that's just the tip of what R2 CRM can do. Here's more...

  • Complete CRM functionalities to track and manage client relationship history
  • Create, run and manage marketing campaigns
  • Eliminate duplicate client and contact records
  • Minimize sales persons within the organization bidding for the same job
  • Create 360 degree view of the sales pipeline
  • Track sales team activity against set goals
  • Track win/lost ratios by sales persons

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