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Maximize Returns on your Rental Inventory

The Rental Industry is going thru a transition as companies are growing and with assets spread over more locations, it is becoming more important to use an Enterprise Rental software to fully manage their business. Enterprise Rental software encompasses the entire scope of the rental business from a contact management system for sales, through invoicing that includes tracking real time inventory availability, maximizing use of owned equipment, labor and transportation planning and tracking maintenance of assets. The businesses’ need a reliable and scalable system that will provide them with the ability to operate seamlessly and deliver reporting to effectively manage their business.

Here are highlights on how the right Enterprise Rental software can improve efficiencies and increase the ROI on your rental assets.

  • Maximize utilization of owned equipment by tracking real time availability across all locations and minimizing sub-renting
  • Tracking key metrics including gross margins on orders and equipment utilization
  • Cross organizational visibility of all relevant information increases productively and teamwork
  • System alerts to key operators and managers removes the responsibility of individuals from searching for critical operational data
  • Automated reporting that deliver analytical information to decision makers
  • A configurable system that matches current processes and work flows. This is crucial for change management

Unique Business Systems offers the R2 Enterprise Rental software suite that delivers these and much more. Schedule a demo HERE.