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We are not the only ones excited about our software.
  • "When a $1.2 Billion revenue utility like NorthWestern Energy selects a software, we have to be sure that it will serve as a consistent platform for all our business units and that user adoption will be unanimous. WorkManager was up and running within 3 months, including an integration with our SAP system. All our geographically diverse units are now scheduling work consistenly, which mean that management has visibility on work metrics across the organization."
  • Donnell Kuchtyn
  • Specialist, Project Management Office

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  • "What you don't see in WorkManager until it is up and running and someone has a question, is the support of the folks at Unique Business Systems. The commitment of the people behind the scenes is absolutely the best in any business! No question or problem is too small or unrealistic. These people believe in their product and will not let it fail to meet your needs, whatever it takes."
  • Phil Rennaker
  • Power Supply Specialist, Denton Municipal Electric

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  • "Our crews used to have to come in to the office every morning to collect paper work orders and then return again in the evening to submit the completed orders. Now with WorkManager loaded on their toughbooks, the crews receive their service orders directly in the field over our cellular mobile network. When they've completed the job in WorkManager, the data is relayed back wirelessly to the dispatchers who close out the job."
  • Hulet Norvell
  • Utility Applications Network Analyst, Marietta Power

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  • "I used to have a myriad of excel spreadsheets to manage my activities. It used to take me two days to consolidate all of the information to prepare my reports every month. With WorkManager I get everything consolidated plus I put out my reports with a click of the mouse."
  • Orlando Olivas
  • Supervisor

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  • "We are pleased at the culmination of our search. Our General Managers and Division Managers are also looking forward to analyzing data and metrics with WorkManager's reporting and graphical display modules."
  • Jeanne Vold
  • Lead Director, IT, NWE

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