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Mobile phones and tablets are now increasingly a mainstream tool in today's business environment. R2's mobile apps are role-based providing a simple, easy, intuitive and fast path to specific operational information geared towards a given role/function


Labor App Benefits

  • View and respond to Availability or Job Assignment requests from the Labor Planner.

  • Enter actual times worked for a given job.

  • Generate data for timesheet approval and submission to R2 for job costing

Service App Benefits

  • Search and verify order and customer information for asset requiring service or repair.

  • Create a service ticket in R2 and inform your repair department of actions and the follow-up required.

  • Capture images of damaged equipment, voice memos and comments for accurate reporting of issue(s).

  • App can be used by your employees and your customers. Give them the tools to reach out and get information to you on a moment's notice and even after-hours! Get equipment repaired and turnaround faster.


Availability and Order Entry App Benefits

  • Get a real-time snapshot of equipment availability for any timeframe (with images and prices) across all locations.

  • Create a quote or a reservation right from your mobile app into your R2 system. Notify required team-members of further action.

  • Restrict access to equipment visibility and pricing by user.

  • App can be used by your employees and your customers. Give your customers the tools to reach out and get information on a moment's notice and even after-hours! Increase probability of repeat business.

Warehouse App Benefits

  • Prep, ship and return equipment back to inventory.

  • Manage equipment transfer tasks.

  • Batch return equipment from multiple orders.

  • Pair your mobile device with a Bluetooth scanner for faster operations.

  • Capture images of equipment, when it leaves your warehouse and upon return.

  • Print prep sheets and delivery receipts.

  • Have customers e-sign with their fingertips accepting deliveries.


Collecting information is a basic software functionality that most softwares cater for. It is how that data is presented and the insights it provides to enable fast, informed decisions that will hugely differentiate your operations.

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