Resource Scheduling

For Labor Planners

As equipment increasingly becomes more of a commodity, more and more companies choose to differentiate their offerings via the services they provide. Hence, management and control of Labor Planning (Revenue) and Labor Scheduling (cost) assumes critical importance


Key benefits:

  • Simple and easy assignment of labor position requirements for a given job.

  • Extremely intuitive, graphical and web-based tool to search, assign and confirm resources to required positions. This is based on Availability and Expertise.

  • Timesheet data capture and approvals as per company policy. Pair with a mobile app for use in the field.

  • Availability calendar, priority, rating, certifications, history of jobs and detailed crew-card for all types of resources.

  • Detailed reporting and analysis on labor revenue and costing with comparison of budgeted Vs. actuals.

Collecting information is a basic software functionality that most softwares cater for. It is how that data is presented and the insights it provides to enable fast, informed decisions that will hugely differentiate your operations.

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