Business Intelligence

For Managers

Any business tool is that much more valuable when it guides our actions and reactions towards better business decisions. A business intelligence module is a mission critical element of any business software tool.


Key benefits:

  • Get a real-time snapshot of your business operations at any given point in time via configurable dashboards.

  • Have the system pro-actively alert and notify you about key milestones, business rules and triggers that you configure for your operations.

  • Have user definable reports be run on a specific frequency and be delivered to a select audience for review and further action.

Key functionalities

  • 24/7 Real-Time snapshots of business operations.

  • Configurable dashboard and alerts and notifications.

  • Automated reports delivery.

Collecting information is a basic software functionality that most softwares cater for. It is how that data is presented and the insights it provides to enable fast, informed decisions that will hugely differentiate your operations.

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