Service and Repair

For Technicians

Maximizing and optimizing physical/financial utilization of equipment is critically important. One way of achieving that goal is to minimize down time and maximize the life and availability of each asset in your inventory


Key benefits:

  • Automated, simple and easy scheduling of preventive maintenance based on various parameters as required for each product type.

  • Quickly create service tickets with detailed data capture on parts and labor used. Pair with a mobile app for use in the field.

  • Prevent multiple customer record creation for the same customer diluting your database by auto- check for duplicate records.

  • Track and analyze service history of each asset, warranty information, life-to-date asset ROI, patterns identifying defective or faulty parts/products and improper use by employees or customers.

  • Minimize service costs and downtime.

  • Maximize equipment revenue and availability.

Collecting information is a basic software functionality that most softwares cater for. It is how that data is presented and the insights it provides to enable fast, informed decisions that will hugely differentiate your operations.

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