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Welcome to our case studies showcase, where real-world challenges meet innovative solutions. Dive into our curated collection of success stories that demonstrate how our products/services have made a tangible impact on businesses just like yours. Each case study offers a glimpse into the unique hurdles faced by our clients and the strategic approaches we employed to overcome them. From streamlining operations to boosting revenue, these stories highlight the transformative power of collaboration and cutting-edge technology. Explore our case studies to discover how we can help you unlock your organization's full potential.

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Since its creation in 1977, Solotech has grown from a local audio-only supplier to a global leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology. The company is internationally recognized for its expertise in Live Productions and Systems Integration in various markets, namely music, sports, business, culture and education.

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Grosh Scenic Rentals provides the highest quality hand painted backdrops and drapery in the performing arts. The business works with high schools, theaters, dance companies and various areas of the entertainment industry to bring their performances and events to life. Grosh is an industry leader.

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With over four decades in the event business, NMR has spent years developing our processes and evolving into an industry expert. We realize the events industry is constantly changing which means that flexibility, creative problem solving, as well as unrivaled response time, are essential to NMR Events success.