Solotech Case Study


Since its creation in 1977, Solotech has grown from a local audio-only supplier to a global leader in audiovisual and entertainment technology. The company is internationally recognized for its expertise in Live Productions and Systems Integration in various markets, namely music, sports, business, culture and education. Clients can also benefit from its Service Center, Online Store and virtual technology know-how. Solotech's mission remains the same to this day: develop and implement innovative AV and entertainment technology solutions to create a unique experience every time, everywhere.

The Challenge

For its rental activities, Solotech was looking for a group of features to support its operations and bring them to the next level. The company needed an efficient system to manage its equipment and multiple events. This system would need to handle a massive and diversified inventory, various transfers from multiple sites, equipment maintenance and elaborate quoting. In addition, it should offer multi-language currency capabilities, flexible reporting output, a complete history of activity and a well-structured security management module. Most impor­tantly, all the needs would need to be met with a single system, providing an easy and productive way to manage the ERP.

The Solution

Choosing R2, the right operating system, was initially based on two main features: the Transport Logistics module and the Labor module. These critical modules have been improved over time and play an essential role in Solo­tech's overall event management. R2 brings many other benefits: it's powerful, sturdy, flexible, comprehensive and includes an excellent support service, accessible 24/7. Moreover, R2 is a customizable platform featuring great security and access functions. As a global company, Solotech evolves and grows quickly and can count on R2 for future connections with other software/ERP.

R2 integration into Solotech's rental operations benefits a large, diversified group of users every day. Equipment maintenance, usage visibility, and availability fore­casts have been optimized. And as customer enhancement requests evolve, Unique Business Systems development team provides software improve­ments and keeps up with Solotech's best practices.