Grosh Case Study

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Grosh Scenic Rentals provides the highest quality hand painted backdrops and drapery in the performing arts. The business works with high schools, theaters, dance companies and various areas of the entertainment industry to bring their performances and events to life. Grosh is the industry leader providing the only online storefront, where customers can rent their scenery through the website integrated with R2 software.

The Challenge

Grosh had an old bespoke warehouse management system that was no longer stable and could not be upgraded effectively. The requirement was to replace this unique program in order to manage the day-to-day warehouse shipping and receiving operation. The new program would need to integrate with FedEx and provide a thorough picking, packing, and receiving process.

The Solution

After due diligence and evaluation , Grosh found the R2 Warehouse application was the best way to replace the old system. Amanda Uhelin, President of Grosh Scenic Rentals states “Grosh’s needs for dual locations, stability and managed support that Grosh had been missing were included features in the new system. In addition to the out of box features, the Unibiz team worked closely with Grosh to understand their other needs including FedEx integration and box label printing.”

Vic Khosla, Vice President, Business Development at UBS added “Our UBS Professional Services team worked hand-in-hand with Grosh’s business team to jointly scope out their integration and interface requirements with R2 to ensure timely delivery and success”.

After development and testing, the project was deployed successfully. Continued support provided by the Unibiz team has given the Grosh’s team confidence in their systems and future.