A user friendly, fully configurable, rentals management software built on 35+ years of industry experience and feedback

R2 benefits for both, your team and your customers

Productivity with Data Driven Decisions
Profitability with enhanced customer satisfaction

Business Intelligence for Managers

Customer Resource Management
for Sales

Rentals and Sales
for Daily Operations

Resource Scheduling
for Labor Planners

Service and Repair
for Technicians

Flexibility and Control
for Project Managers

Shipping & Receiving
for Warehouse Personnel

for Data Mining and Analysis

for 24/7 Access

Greater Satisfaction
for Employees

Global Best Practices
for Workflow Optimization

Customer Care
for your Success

Key operational, financial and “peace-of-mind” benefits for your business via R2 on the cloud:
  • Very cost effective and affordable compared to cost of ownership of hardware that is continuously getting obsolete
  • Leaves you free to focus on your core business with UBS and Oracle helping manage your R2 and Windows servers environment
  • Continued access to both, your R2 production and R2 test environments
  • Faster service as the R2 support team can quickly access your R2 environment
  • Peace of mind with off-site backups that are kept for the last 5 continuous days
  • Server Hardware upgrade cost built-in, automatic and in the background and so obsolescence is never an issue
With R2 hosted in the cloud, UBS will manage the following for you:
  • Server optimization so R2 runs in the most ideal environment for your business operations
  • Install supported programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel and other R2 products
  • Resetting passwords for any R2 employee
  • Server monitoring for preventive maintenance so you are always operational

Training and Consulting Services

35 years of global best practices included

Let our Experts guide you to success

Support Services

Customer Care is in our DNA

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Making Connections for over 30 years

Our Partnerships

Unique Business Systems in a member and exhibitor at the largest professional audiovisual trade show in North America. Provider of Equipment Rental Management software for audiovisual companies worldwide.

Unique Business Systems is a member, exhibitor and provider of Equipment Rental Management software for the production community. Our Customers include companies working in a wide range of international live and broadcast venues – festivals, corporate events, theatre, concerts, clubs, theme parks and houses of worship.

Unique Business Systems is a member and exhibitor at the annual National Association of Broadcasters Trade Show. Our customers include companies working with entertainment and technology focused on TV, film, satellite, streaming and advertising. Provider of Equipment Rental Management software for Broadcast Companies worldwide.

Unique Business Systems is a proud sponsor and provider of Rental Management Software for a global network of premium audiovisual rental and event production companies.